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Will powder coating stop corrosion?

No – Only the use of the correct substrate for the application, professional fabrication, proper pre treatment and priming to specification prior to applying the top coat in conjunction with regular maintenance will prevent corrosion.

Can you powder coat patio tube/pre galv material that has white powdery surface corrosion on it?

Yes – But we do not recommend doing this, as the corrosion process has started on the steel, even after acid cleaning, sanding and priming, the final powder coat finish can bubble and corrosion can continue to manifest in the substrate over time. We offer no warranty against this and always recommend you use the very best clean substrates available for maximum protection and a quality surface finish.

Can you powder coat just one coat over blue coated or black/mild steel?

No – Both require sand blasting prior to powder coating with Dulux Zinc Shield and re sprayed with Dulux Top Coat. Where ever possible always try and use pre galv steel instead of blue coated or mild steel which if not prepared and powder coated to spec will corrode within 6 months in an outside environment. The blue coating is only a painted transport coating and offers no corrosion protection what so ever and must be removed prior to powder coating.

Can we powder coat a rusty, dented, pitted steel chair as it is without blasting?

Yes – But the end result will be a shiny powder coated rusty, dented, pitted steel chair !! Powder Coat does not fill dents or pitting and will not stop corrosion from corroding.

Can I powder coat over previously p/coated items?

Yes – as long as it is clean and in sound condition. but will always show imperfections in second coat.

Can I powder coat over painted items?

No – all paint must be removed first by either stripping or sand blasting.

Can I powder coat galvanized products?

Absolutely. However we need to pre-treat and de-gas prior to E/Prime application then top coat.

**Customers must be aware that Hot Dip Galv is by nature a very agricultural finish and will always show lumps, bumps and some small pin head bubbles, even after careful preparation and application. This is a normal characteristic of the product and cannot be avoided** CV Powder coaters or Dulux offer no warranties whatsoever against corrosion, de lamination or surface finish to powder coated hot dip galvanized product.

Can I leave rubber seals or stickers on my item and powder coat?

No – they must all be removed or they will melt and bubble in the oven.

Can I powder coat aluminum?

Yes. However, we need to pre treat all mill finish aluminum prior to powder coating. Anodised aluminum cannot be pre treated but can be powder coated however carries no warranty against easy chipping or de lamination.

Can I mix my own colour to match wet paints?

No – Only powders shown on the colour charts are available. Dulux paint shops can mix wet paints to match powder coat colours or Dulux Powders can manufacture made to order custom powder colours by placing an order with us.

Can I powder coat stainless steel?

Yes, but requires whip blasting, etching or linishing prior to powder coating or it can suffer from easier than normal chipping and scratching/de lamination.

Can we powder coat our window frames onsite at home?

No, all our work is performed in our factory.

Can we powder coat car wheels?

Yes, but alloy and steel require different pre-treatment.

What is the largest size we can powder coat?

9 metres in length, 3 metres tall, 2.5 metres wide.

Can I powder coat a pot belly stove or BBQ?

No, because it will not withstand extreme direct heat.

How can I pay?

Cash, Credit card, EFTPOS. - sorry no cheques.

How long does it take?

Generally, allow 5 working days for domestic jobs depending on preparation required.

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of erosion of a surface by blasting abrasive grit particles at material at high speed using compressed air.

I have a small item that I need sandblasted. Can you help me?

Yes of Course, however we do have a minimum charge to cover the cost of processing a 1 off small item.

Is sandblasting essential as a pretreatment?

Sandblasting is essential as a pretreatment when painting or Powder Coating Mild/Raw black steel. It is also sometimes the only way to effectively remove old coatings or corrosion on any metal item prior to renovation.

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